How to become a cartoonist in South Africa

Cartoonists prepare satirical or humorous cartoons for publication in most of the media like newspapers and online publications.Different media require a variety of skills and most cartoonists create characters and prepare models and sketches for the media companies.

Cartoonist may write their own scrips or illustrate scripts written by the companies that employ them or individuals who make special requests .In order to become a cartoonist you need to extensive art experience and good writing skills .

As a cartoonist you also need to read a lot about politics and political news in general.In addition you need to also be abreast of economic news and social conditions.

Television cartoonists need to be very versatile and be able to draw anything from comic flash cards to animated cartoons.Cartoonists who who specialize in advertising must be familiar with selling and advertising techniques and trends , as well as with art techniques.

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Qualities of a Cartoonist

  • Good sketching ability .
  • Ability to handle criticism.
  • Ability to laugh at yourself.
  • Health and physical stamina.
  • Good eye and hand coordination.
  • Manual and finger dexterity.
  • A strong sense of humor.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to communicate ideas .
  • Artistic ability and creativity .
  • Be independent , enthusiastic and resourceful .

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Subject You should learn

  • Visual Art and Design .
  • Business English .
  • 3D Design.
  • 2D Design.
  • Computer Graphics.
  • Art Theory.
  • Drawing/Fine Arts.
  • Communications.
  • Art of Drawing .

Career Preparation

  • Take Art Courses
  • Submit your cartoons to the school.
  • Submit your cartoons to local newspapers or enter them to art shows and contests .
  • Apply for vacation or part time work at a newspaper.
  • Build a portfolio of your work as you go along.

Top Universities with Bachelor of Animation courses in South Africa

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1. SAE Institute, Cape Town Click here to visit website.

2. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Click here to visit website

3. Open Window, Centurion Click here to visit website

4. Vega School JHB, Randburg Click here to visit website

5. Prestige Academy, Cape Town Click here to visit website

6. Creative Academy, Cape Town Click here to visit website

Similar Courses

7.The Animation School
Diploma in Digital Animation

8.False Bay TVET College
National Certificate: 2D Animation NQF L5

10.National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA)
Animation Programme

11.SAE Institute
Higher Certificate: Animation and Visual Effects

12.Prestige Academy
Diploma: 3D Design and Digital Animation

13.Boston Media House
Diploma in Media Practices

14..University of the Witwatersrand
Bachelor of Engineering Science: Digital Art; Bachelor of Arts: Performing and Visual Arts (Game Design)

Where you can work

  • Advertising agencies.
  • Public Relations firms.
  • Newspaper and magazine companies.
  • Television Companies.
  • Publishing Companies.
  • Motion Picture Studios.
  • Freelancing and Self Employment .

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