How to become a Computer Graphics Animator in South Africa

Computer graphics animators develop the animations in games and work closely with the or map designers.They are also popularly known as the artists of the game.Every part of a game consists of a module or level that has to be integrated into a whole form of the game.

This job involves designing the game either two dimensional or three dimensional. Two dimensional means that the player of the game will only see a left to right scroll of the game, and three dimensional means that the player where the player feels like they are inside the screen participating in the game itself.

If you have seen the words 2D and 3D you now know that 2D means two dimensional and 3D means three dimensional.Computer graphics designers focus on three main areas of the game development process , namely:

  • Creating the artwork.
  • Developing or programming the game environment such as buildings , Natural scenery and roads .
  • Programming Game levels.

Dimensions Examples

2D Game Example
3D Game Example

Do you have what it takes ?

Computer Graphics Animators Must be :

  • Artistic and creative.
  • Enjoy technologically driven environments.
  • Able to handle working under pressure .
  • Passionate about technology.
  • Patient and persistent.
  • Able to take an idea and develop a product around it.This is very important.

Subjects You need to learn.

Please note that these subject are not compulsory.Some graphic designers teach themselves graphics design software and do very well in life. This applies to people who want to study at a University or College.They are as follows:

  • Information Systems.
  • Development Software.
  • Computer Science.
  • Applied Programming.
  • Information Technology Skills.
  • Technical Programming.Graphic User Interface.
  • Database Development.
  • Internet Programming .
  • Communication Design.
  • History of Art and Design.
  • Design Techniques .
  • Graphic design Drawing.
  • Professional Design Practice.

How to Prepare yourself for this journey

You need to take a basic programming course. If you are disciplined enough you can buy a video course online and learn at your own pace.Just make sure you create a schedule or a time table and stick to it.You can also try and find graphics animators online and request to observe their work

Where to Study


Graphic Design Qualifications

Faculty of Human Sciences

Department: Visual Arts and Design

-Diploma: Graphic Design

-B Tech: Graphic Design

-Advance Diploma: Graphic Design

Compulsory Subjects

Other Language4
Mathematical Literacy4 or
Any other 4 subjects totaling (min. of 3 each subject)12
Recommended subjects:Art, Design, History, Computer Application Technology, Science.

Additional Admission Requirement: Graphic Design qualification candidates will have to complete assessment test:

-Personal interview

-Submission of portfolio

-Drawing ability and design skills and general ability to communicate on visual level

-M Score of 23 points or higher life orientation excluded

Admission Requirements: NSCA

 Requirements: SC

A minimum rating of E (40-49%) for HG and D (50-59%) for SG subjects. English and Mathematics are compulsory. A total of 24 on the Swedish scale is required.

1.2 Requirements: N3-N6

A completed N6 related /appropriate qualification in the field of study. Exemption may be awarded for equivalent subjects scored (50-59%) with a 60% similarity in content.

1.3 Requirements: NACSA/NCV (4)

To register and complete the Foundation programme in the specific discipline with VUT, subject to the admission requirements for the Foundation programme for this specific discipline.

Career Opportunities

  • Computer Graphic Animators
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Design Studios
  • Illustrators
  •  DTP,
  • Photographic Manipulation
  • Editorial Design
  • Communication Design,
  • Web Page Design and Interactive Design,
  • Package Designers.


Enquiries may be addressed to:

The Head of Department

Visual Arts and Design

Vaal University of Technology, Private Bag X021 VANDERBIJLPARK 1900 Tel: (016) 950-9174 Fax: (016) 950-9895 e-mail:

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