How I taught myself to Create Websites

(NO Coding knowledge is required )

My history of building websites began when I was filling out a Facebook account registration form .There is a place on the form where it says “Website”. A thought came to my mind to say “How cool would it be if I had my own website” .

After finishing with the registration I went online to search for the simplest way to create a website. I even posted on my Facebook account later in the week and said ” does anyone know the easiest way to create a website” ?.

I got a number of responses and most of them were telling me about website creators that you can use online like and many others .I

was impressed with how easy it was to build a website with those online systems but as time went on I got bored with one page websites. I became obsessed with owning a big website like eBay , Amazon and Alibaba .

The problem with that dream again was that I do not have any coding skills and the companies mentioned here employ a large number of people to achieve this goal .

As a beginner with no money in my pockets I was so demoted and it felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks.But after a long internet searches I finally caught a break.

The good news that I discovered is that It is possible to create a similar website using a purchased theme online at a price of less than $100. With that motivation in mind I bought a theme but I still didn’t know how the theme would work.

The developer of the theme told me that , for my website to work, I would need to buy the following three things on top of my theme :

  1. Domain Name.A domain name is the com web address that you access Google and other websites with.Please note that you need to pay a monthly subscription for hosting.Hosting looks something like this .
  2. Hosting .

Where Your Website is hosted

Hosting Back-end

Your hosting Client Dashboard where you pay your hosting accounts

Hosting front end

3. WordPress installation . This is a free software you download online where you can install your theme and customize it to look the way you WordPress comes with another dashboard where you can log on to your website and do many things like installing plugins , setting up security for your website and updating your themes and plugins.

WordPress Dashboard

Each WordPress website has got a number of plugins that work in the background to keep all the required functions running. Not all websites are the same so the themes and plugins you install will determine the function and how fact your website becomes.

I will show you pictures of two of my many favorite themes that I have purchased to date and created stunning websites .

The following theme comes with 18 front pages that you can use to build different website depending on your needs. Seen here below is a drone selling theme which is one of the homepages or demos. Please note that not all themes will come with many themes or homepages.

Some themes are role specific, For example, you can buy a theme that is only specific to posting jobs or maybe selling watches or cellphones alone. This type of websites will carry plugins that are specific to their role .

If it is a jobs website it will come with plugins for posting a CV or posting a job and a dashboard that contains features specific to jobs and employment.

Here is a job theme that I purchased a while ago and if you go to the company’s website you will be able to view the inner workings of the theme by looking through the live demo.This is what we mean by role specific websites.

Jobs Theme

This theme comes with a child theme that you can activate and edit to your liking . Let me explain what what I mean by that. When you buy a theme you should get a parent theme and a child theme .This is not compulsory since you can use plugins to create your own child theme using the parent theme .

Why do you need a Child theme?

You need a child theme because of a few reasons but I will mention only a few.The first reason why you need a child theme is because you need updates for your theme when a new version is created .

For example , maybe in you buy your theme this year , we will call it version 6.1.2 and in the following year your developer releases ,say version 6.2.2. At the time you will be automatically receiving an automatic update on your website’s parent theme and this will reset your website to it’s original install .

This will cancel all your menus and widgets and even all the hard work you have put in your website thus forcing you to start afresh.

But if you have used a child theme your website will update without causing any problems.Another reason to use a child theme is that sometimes you will feel like changing the look of your website by going into your theme editor and changing code.

I know that sounds like something you would never need to do but one day when you have leaned you will definitely do it. By doing this on the child theme you won’t have to fear breaking your website .

However, it is very important to avoid doing things that you don’t know because things can go wrong especially with code. In case you want to connect Google Adsense using the code you get it is safer to use a WordPress plugin. I will show you a picture of a WordPress plugin down below.

This is one of the many plugins you can use to create a child theme for your website.You can find out more about this plugin on the WordPress website by following this link or you can click here to visit the website .

So I did all that my theme seller had told me and extended my research to learning more about hosting and I remember I searched the web extensively about a list of best website hosting and best places where I could buy a domain name. This is good because you are able to make an informed decision .

But the real learning happens once you have bought these services and have had the first hand experience with different hosting companies. Before we go further , please note that you will need to renew your domain on a yearly basis.

Do not worry about this because the system will send you an email on the address you registered it with to let you know 30 days before the expiration date.So I wanted to emphasize that before I forgot .

In terms of choosing your hosting I would like to suggest that you choose cloud hosting. This is to ensure that you can upgrade your plan without needing to migrate your website .

Cloud hosting is also faster and it comes with many features like  Unlimited Bandwidth ,  Unlimited SSD Space and  Unlimited websites hosted . All these features work to your advantage and you also get a free SSL certificate .

An SSL certificate is the lock sign you see on websites when you visit them as you can see on the Google address bar below.

It happened

There is a rule that was passed by Google to flag all websites that do not contain an SSL Certificate as insecure .This means that if people visit your website they will see a warning instead of the paddlock symbol.

This is to deter them from inserting their personal information including bank cards information and residential addresses and so on to prevent data breach.You can read all about SSL Certificates by visiting this link . Click here

These are the things I learned on the web while doing my research and I watched a number of YouTube videos. But now that I had purchased my themes and , I did not need to learn coding , I had to learn how to edit and customize my website.

My approach to learning was to do something and go and search for problems I encounter on YouTube and then fix the problem as suggested on the videos.

That is how I came across website builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect , Divi Builder and WPBakery. This is the part where creating websites became fun .

It took me sometime to learn these tools but once you learn one the rest become easy . At the end of the day nothing happens by itself so I was grateful to discover these tools.

Easy does not have to mean doing nothing on your part .I could still appreciate the fact that ,Instead of learning to code, I could learn to drag and drop bits and pieces from the theme builders to create studding websites or rather customize my websites.


Elementor works with almost all themes that are in the market currently . This tool is very easy to learn and it has a lot of features inside of it that you can use to build beautiful websites .

You can even edit themes with it and make them look exactly the way you want them to. This software comes with a video tutorial that you can open from withing the software once you install it to your WordPress dashboard .

The company has just launched a few themes that you can get from their website or download them from the WordPress dashboard. No coding knowledge is required to use this software.

You can also access a number of videos on YouTube that talk about this software and there is also step by step website building tutorials that have been created by many YouTube channels because of it’s vast popularity.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the best software you can choose to build your website with . This software contains a number of ready made themes inside of it.

You can either build a website from scratch using a website template or you can choose from the available themes and edit it to fit your style.With the package you also get thrive leads that you can use to create forms and lead generators.You also get Thrive Quiz to create a quiz and engage your website users .

There is also Thrive Apprentice that you can use to create your own courses on your website in case you are interested in a website like Udemy or if you just want to create free courses and get subscribers to your website. Then you also have Thrive Ultimatum which helps you create timers for your products . There is more you can just visit their website and see if there is something you can use for your project.


WPBakery works hand in glove with other page builders and it is always used in websites or themes that have been built with Elementor . It has amazing features especially for job websites . It is a bit difficult to learn as compared to the three others but once you learn it you realize that it is so powerful and enjoyable to build websites with .

Like all the others, it also come with a video tutorial attached to it. This video tutorial can only be opened on your WordPress dashboard. Without taking sides or being bias to any of these tools I would recommend that you learn all of them. But I would only recommend that you start with Elementor.

Just be patient and follow the video tutorials step by step and b y the time you are done you will be able to see it is very easy to learn to make a website on your own .

Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Builder

Divi Theme Builder works hand in hand with Divi Themes. If you want a lite and fast website you should consider buying one of their themes. Divi is the easiest to learn of all the four tools and their dashboard is straight forward and simple . What is most important is that you can almost do all the settings within one dashboard. In a brief example, you can create call to actions , Blogs ,Sliders , Forms and testimonials all within this page builder.

On the same license you also get more than 100 landing pages that you can edit to your own website’s specifications . Within the same license you also get a beginner’s video tutorial where you can learn to use the software.

One point that needs a thorough emphasis is that you do not need a coding qualification or degree to use all the above mentioned software . All you need to know is how the software packages work and that needs a little bit of dedication and time to learn by following the included video tutorials .

There are also many videos on YouTube that can teach you step by stem on how to create websites .Just search for “How to create a website with ” and add the name of the software tool you want to use .For example ” How to create a website with Elementor”.


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